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About Legrand

Legrand is a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructure. In India, they have been a leader in the protection business for over four decades, and leverage global knowledge to customise offerings locally, delivering end-to-end solutions across categories and sectors, from residential and commercial, to hospitality and industrial. Legrand has progressively developed product ranges for wiring devices, home automation, door entry, lighting management systems, cable management and structured cabling to add to our core offerings of circuit breakers and distribution boards. The acquisition of established companies like Numeric and Valrack further strengthens Legrand’s promise of complete solutions, and makes us a preferred partner across segments.

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Home Automation

  • Vantage Controls
  • MyHOME - Axolute
  • MyHOME - Arteor

Door phones

  • D45 Door Phones
  • D45 Systems
  • Legrand Kits

Passive Networking

  • LCS²
  • LCS² Cabinets
  • Valrack Cabinets

Cable Management Systems

  • Cablofil Wiremesh Cable Trays
  • Legrand Solutions

Energy Distribution

  • DMX³ ACBs
  • DPX³ MCCBs
  • DX³ Modular Devices
  • RX³ MCBs
  • Alpivar Capacitors
  • Zucchini Busbars
  • CTX³ Controlgear
  • P17 Tempra Pro
  • Ekinox³ Distribution Boards
  • XL³ Enclosures

Wiring Accessories

  • Axolute
  • Arteor
  • Myrius
  • Mylinc
  • Britzy

Lighting Management Systems

  • Sensors